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Specialists in Dyslexia diagnosis, behaviour support, SEN and training
for parents, individuals, companies, state and private education.

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We provide Dyslexia diagnosis, specialist Dyslexia support, behaviour and educational consultancy
for parents, individuals, companies, state and private education throughout the UK.

Toucan Education Centre

The Toucan Education Hub, Newcastle

We are really excited, having been on the lookout for suitable premises for what seems like ages, we've finally found our new home!

We are a full service educational and behaviour consultancy and provider.

  • Specialist Teachers.
  • Educational Psychologists.
  • Clinical Psychologists.
  • Occupational Therapists.

Philippa Vince - Founder
BEd Hons Ad Dip SEN Ad Dip AMBDA

Passionate and caring, Dyslexia diagnosis, SEN consultancy and training based in Newcastle, covering the UK and worldwide.

Philippa is an experienced specialist teacher of over 16 years. After 4 years as a Deputy Head at a specialist provision for SEMH (Social, Emotional, Behaviour), she currently supports several schools with consultancy, SEN, behaviour and Dyslexia support, in both SEMH and mainstream schools. Philippa has taught in a range of diverse settings over her career including 8 years of mainstream practice. Philippa oversees an ARMS base (additionally resourced mainstream setting) for children with physical difficulties within a mainstream school.

  • 16+ Years Experience.
  • AMBDA Registered Specialist.
  • SENDCO Qualified.
  • Outstanding teacher by Ofsted.

Philippa decided to set up Toucan Education after recognising a need for bespoke and focussed support for parents, individuals, companies, state and private education. Philippa has a unique and specialised skill set which can offer a wealth of knowledge and support. Her specialist areas include behaviour support, SEN support, Dyslexia diagnosis and support and training in English including areas of fine motor skills and reluctant boys as an example.


Dyslexia Diagnosis

Pre-appointment consultation call, diagnostic Dyslexia assessment, report and recommendations, and passionate aftercare.

Parent Support

Workshops in understanding the SEN (Special Educational Needs) process and deepening understanding of Dyslexia.

Behaviour Support

We offer advice, support and unique strategies for managing difficult or challenging behaviour at school or home.

Training & Development

Delivering bespoke tailored training in all areas of SEN for all educational settings worldwide at all levels.

Dyslexia Testing £385 - spread the cost over 4 months or credit / debit cards accepted

Don't let yourself be told "Dyslexia isn't a thing or isn't diagosed anymore", it certainly is, so don't delay getting the help needed now.

Your journey will start with a pre-assessment call to discuss the process and your needs, answer any questions you have and make sure this is right for the person to be assessed.

3 weeks after the assessment you will receive a full report highlighting strengths, weaknesses and areas to focus on - along with recommendations of how to move forward.

We know that people can feel lost after an assessment, be that with a diagnosis of Dyslexia or not, we are passionate about aftercare so will be here for help and advice.

We recommend getting in contact as soon as possible, wait times for available Dyselxia diagnosis slots can be 3-4 weeks, but occasionally there are some late availability slots that become free.

Don't delay.

Time is of the essence in gaining an understanding of how someone learns, and the difficulties they face now and in later life. The sooner this is a known, the quicker they can get on the right path to their success.

More about Philippa

A passion for learning and behaviour difficulties

Philippa Vince Dyslexia Diagnosis


Founder of Toucan Education

Philippa has always been interested in children who find it difficult to read and write or simply hate it. She has had particular experience of reluctant boys. Philippa always believes there is an underlying issue and strives to find it. She looks at a child holistically and works to find the root of the problem. Philippa has worked closely with many children who have begun to fail in school. She believes in building up an excellent rapport so that the child grows in confidence.

In order to build on her rapidly growing skill base Philippa completed her diploma of Special Educational Needs Award. She is a highly qualified Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENDCO) and understands the SEN policy and the changes implemented by the government. She has been pivotal in implementing Single Plans within her own setting. Philippa also qualified for the award of Post Graduate in Specific Learning Difficulties (Dyslexia).

She has been accepted by the British Dyslexia Association for Associate Membership (AMBDA). Therefore she is a recognised AMBDA Specialist Teacher and is qualified to assess for Dyslexia and for access arrangements for GCSE and GCE.

Toucan Education

Based in Newcastle upon Tyne, covering the North East of England and worldwide.

216-218 Rothbury Terrace,
Newcastle upon Tyne,
NE6 5DE.
United Kingdom